About Us

Tarboosh is a authentic Middle Eastern restaurant located in the heart of korea town in Los Angeles.

Our Story

Where It All Began

Tarboosh is an authentic Mediterranean restaurant established in 2016.

We have a huge background in the food and beverages industry, with Tarboosh we wanted to start something special. We wanted to combine, great food, an inviting atmosphere, and a family-friendly environment.

We believe that food is a factor that people connect on and with Tarboosh we wanted to expose our Middle Eastern hospitality and traditions.

We pride ourselves on creating authentic food and an experience that will leave an imprint on our friends who come to visit us, not only by our food but by our traditions. All of our food is a combination of love, patience, and authenticity.

We only use the best ingredients to create our dishes. Our food is 100% Halal and we do not accept any lower standard.

We strive to give you the best experience.


What We Offer

Authentic Cuisine

We are proud of the level that we uphold. We want to bring authentic  Middle Eastern  flavor to Los Angeles. 

Fresh Ingredients

All of our foods are prepped daily and cooked to order. We strive to bring the best ingredients, freshest produce and Halal meat .

Tasty Meals

We can tell you about how flavorful our food but it is only fair if you hear from a fellow customer check us out on Yelp


What People are Saying

Great place to eat Middle Eastern food!

Excellent service and good quality food.

Dmitriy G.

Food was wonderful

It is cooked over charcoal so you got to eat it as soon as it’s served or it cools down quickly.

Aisha M.

Five stars to rate this place is not enough!

What an amazing place, food, and staff! I can’t thank them enough for all the amazing thing they did for us. 

Reta B.

Man. Amazing. Authentic.

“Trio kabob platter plus baba ganoush and lahmacun which was rolled out fresh and baked while i waited. 

Cyrus B.